PLUTOCaribbqBottlesThumbNEW PRODUCT!

PLUTO’S Carib-B-Q® is now available! We are so excited about our newest offering — an award-winning, delicious, bar-b-q sauce!

CARIB-B-Q the only Caribbean based Bar-B-Q sauce on the market. This All Natural Authentic Jamaican creation has absolutely no artificial flavors presevities or additives, and is 100% vegan. It’s not a vinegar or tomato based sauce. It is herbs and spices based, which gives it a most Unique taste. Try this award winning sauce on chips, crackers, bread, boiled sweet potatoes, raw sweet potatoes, boiled regular potatoes, rice, beans, vegetables, seafood, use it for grilling, roasting, or simply sip it. It is literally the SAUCE YOU CAN Drrrrrink! Available in Mild and Hot.


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